God could be a womyn, but the devil is most certainly a man. jEsUsLoVeR69 - I don’t know why it’s trying to educate me about a...

I don’t know why it’s trying to educate me about a word it can’t even spell…but…

  • "I’m 78% more likely to be admitted into a university because of my race

This is unreferenced and I can’t find a source for it myself. I doubt it’s true.

  • "71% of bachelor’s degrees go to whites, 29% to PoC"

Again not properly referenced, and I can’t find those numbers anywhere else. It’s not even clear what it means. 12.6% of Americans are black, if they earnt 29% of the degrees then they’d actually be doing better than whites (including other races in PoC increases it to ~27%)

The actual numbers are these. Blacks in the USA make up 12.6% of the population and 14% of college enrollments.

Even if the artist’s numbers were right, and her argument were convincing, let’s look at what happens if we flip that into men vs women, ~60% of domestic students currently attempting full time undergraduate degrees in Australia are female. There is a strong trend towards even greater gender disparity in future years. The statistics are similar for the USA. So should I conclude from this that women have female privilege? If I were OP I would.

  • "The likelihood I will go to prison in my lifetime is about 4-11%. A PoC’s Chances run to about 44-50%."

Again unreferenced and untrue. The demographic most likely to spend time in prison is black males, and their chances are 28%, in comparison to 4% for white males.

However this is irrelevant.  If more black people commit crime, then yes, it’s right that more black people should end up in prison. Likelihood of ending up in prison correlates with many other factors, most notably income. Black families are likely to have lower income than white families. This may be caused by racism, but incarceration rates aren’t necessarily direct manifestations of racism.

What is more concerning is racial disparity in sentencing between blacks and whites who have committed the same crime. Blacks receive 10% longer sentences than whites. This is tragic and should be corrected.

Oh but men receive sentences 60% longer than women, and women are 50% less likely than men to be incarcerated after conviction. So…matriarchy?

I’m going to stop here because the rest of the graphic is rubbish and I really don’t care about USA’s race relations, but every single person who has uncritically reblogged this unreferenced left wing victim’s masturbation aid should feel shame. I am not expressing an opinion on whether white privilege is a worthwhile concept, but even if it is, this is an atrocious graphic with statistics whimsically plucked from fairyland.

(Source: jamietheignorantamerican)

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